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The Carson Collection

Company Name

Andreas Miniatures-M

BSG Toy Soldiers-R

Beneito Miniatures-M

Black Hawk Toy Soldier-R


Canada Toy Soldiers Co-R/F

Collectors Showcase-M

Conte Collectibles-M

Crown Military Miniatures-R

Del Prado-M


First Legion-M

Forces of Valor-M

Flag Dude

Frontline Figures-M

History Store-R

Hobby Bunker-R

J.G. Miniatures-M

John Jenkins Designs-M

King and Country-M

La Meridiana Miniatures-M

Le Petit Soldat-R

Maitland Toy Soldier Shoppe-R

Manes Marzano-M

Michigan Toy Soldiers-R

Monkey Depot-R

Old Toy Soldier Auction USA-A

Patriot Models-M

Sagers Soldiers & Miniatures-R

Sierra Toy Soldier Company-R

Toy Soldier Club-R

Toy Soldier Company-R

Toy Soldiers Collectors America-R

Toy Soldier Gallery-R

Toy Soldier Market-R

Toy Soldier Museum-F

ToySoldiers Paris-R

Treefrog Treasures-R

Verlinden Productions-M

William Britain-M

William Hocker-R

Woodland Scenics-R

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Militiludibriology (mil·i·til·u·di-bri·ol·o·gy) = the study of toy soldiers