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 The Carson Collection
My name is Rich Carson and I am the webmaster for  the Carson Collection. I live in Portland, Oregon. Portland's bumper sticker slogan is "Keep Portland Weird." That sums it up.
My primary collection interest is in colonial times. I have over 265 pieces that cover the French and Indian Wars (1754-1763) and the American Revolutionary War (1763-1783). I also ventured into the War of 1812 with accessories. I tend to like figures by King and Country, William Britains, Frontline, John Jenkins and First Legion. However, I occasionally by equipment pieces and scenics from J.G. Miniatures, Puchula, Hinchliffe and Beneito. 

My interest stems from the fact that I am a descendent of Kit Carson. I actually helped build the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Oregon City. I also like to visit Fort Vancouver because it's nearby. The original Oregon Trail -- with Carson and Fremont -- resupplied at the fort before turning south to California.
I am currently semi-retired and a doctorate student at Washington State University. My curriculum vitae is on the web at www.richcarson.org.  I also volunteered and served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. 
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Militiludibriology (mil·i·til·u·di-bri·ol·o·gy) = the study of toy soldiers
Contact me if you have questions or comments on:

• Buying or selling tips  in general (as in  places to buy and why)

• Brands that you like or dislike, and why

• Source information on sales, brands, etc

• Diorama tips on brands, materials, construction, websites
I occasionally buy and sell on eBay, but not as a business. I buy to add pieces to my collection and I sell them if I don't need them. On eBay I am identified as Kit_Carson. Check out my eBay Sales page.
Richard H. Carson